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  • „I have had the pleasure to work with a few CZ booking agents and all have been positive and nice people , but sometimes you need a change of direction to open up new doors to a new path to reinvent yourself… then I made contact with “Vladimír Lachout /” and I said (why not lets go for it ) and from day one it was a perfect match. Vladimír really cares about the artist and the artist music, no stress all positive … he has also made bookings for us Germany and Slovakia within four weeks after we made contact. Looking forward to future projects… All I can say is ( Good Karma )“ Fernando Saunders

  • "This first tour in Czech republic has been a great success for my music and for the JAC & CO duo! We thank our booking agency here for its superb organization!
    It was a great artistic pleasure!" Jacques Pellarin
  • "We just had a very successful tour that the Jazz Agency put together for us. We couldn't be happier with the tour, Vladimir and the entire experience. Totally professional and top notch! We can't wait until the next tour!" Neil Zaza
  • „As a professional touring musician I depend on my talent agency to assure all goes smoothly so that I can give a world class performance. My friends at are total professionals and I look forward to working with them again and again! is world class!“  LeBur n Maddo x
  •  I have been working with Mr. Lachout for over one year now and I find all he does with his agency to be very professional and organized he tells the truth and does all he can for every artist he works with... It´s very personal service and my BAND LORD BISHOP ROCKS looks forward to working for him for along time to come !!! I GIVE HIM HIGH REGARDS" Lord Bishop
  • „Thanks to cooperation with in the last two years we played and promote our guitar program all around Czech Republic. Vladimir is very profesional and dedicated to the bands he represents and he also likes music. Looking forward to cooperate again soon. Go on Vladimir. Cheers from Belgrade!“ Trio Balkan Strings
  • „I started to work with Vladimir Lachout and his work is awesome... He takes good care of his artists and I am looking forward to come back to Tchekia that I love in March 2018.“ Nina Van Horn (2017)

  • "Thanks a million times for the great tour in your beautiful country... It was good every where... God bless you." Nina Van Horn (2018)

  • „Hi, I'm Tim Austin Mitchell. Looking to a fantastic tour in CZ/SK. Can't wait to entertain and to see the great people of. CZ SK. Peace. Love and Good Music.“ Tim Mitchell
  • „Vladimir and JazzAgency was very professional and very helpful in booking our band at short notice this year. We plan to work together in 2018 as well. Big thumbs up!" Gravel Road Band

  • „Thank you too for the hard work you are doing for me.“ Nico ZZ Band
  • " has done a great job for the band, they re reliable, friendly and efficient." Wolf Mail
  • "Hello everybody in Czech Republic ! NEAL BLACK & The HEALERS returns to play Concerts in your Country in November ! We are happy to see our Fans again and work with Vladimir Lachout / It will be a pleasure to bring you some REAL TEXAS BLUES & ROCK !! See you there !!" Neal Black
  •  "We came across Vladimir Lachout and the when they helped us by finding us a gig in the Czech Republic in between dates on a recent tour. Since then we have done several dates with the agency and they have all exceeded our expectations. Vladimir is very efficient and it is a pleasure doing business with him" Keith Thompson
  • „ is a first class operation! Nice people and nice gigs. Thank you!“ Johnny Mastro
  • "We are honored and very fortunate to have begun a relationship with and Vladimir Lachout. This opens up new opportunities for us to grow our base and spread our music and art to some new people and places. Just one look at his roster and you will understand why we feel as if we are very good company. They are extremely professional and honorable. I hope to be working with them for a very, very long time, with many, many more tours to come. Cheers to the JazzAgency" Jean Marx Express

Spolupracovali jsme s prezidenty Billem Clintonem a Václavem Klausem, hercem Karlem Rodenem, s muzikanty z kapely Deep Purple nebo z kapely Jethro Tull... Exkluzivně spolupracujeme s partnerskými hudebními agenturami z Německa, Polska, Rakouska, Itálie, Srbska, Ruska, USA, Velké Británie, Argentiny, Francie ...


Kapely z celého světa !

* Rock, Blues, Pop, Punk

* Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Swing

* World, Acoustic, Ethno, Folk

* Dance, Rap, etc. 


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