DEMIAN BAND (blues/rock, ARG)

DEMIAN BAND (blues/rock, ARG)

* V roce 2017 jsme připravovali CZ SK turné pro kapelu Demian Band.  


DEMIAN BAND the most powerful live show you can ever see on stage presents new album “Come To Get It”!

Along of his large career Demian Dominguez has been on tour around South America, Europe, USA and he has shared stage with artists like Jimmie Vaughan, Roy Rogers, Los Lobos, Eric Sardinas, Paul Shortino, Javier Vargas, Raimundo Amador amongst many others.

In 2009 “Matamp”(British Amplifiers), launches the “Matamp Demian” Signature Amp.

His first CD “Devil By My Side” features the Chicago Bluesman Bernard Allison and the second one “Tattoo’d Fish” both reaching the top of the American Blues Charts, getting an amazing feedback.

In 2013 the album “LIVE” sees the light and his first movie “DEMIAN BAND THE MOVIE”. The cd and dvd show enterely the tour the band has done over 6 months in Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain) and the USA (Arkansas, Memphis, Mississippi, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama and Florida). In 2013/2014 this album has been rollin’ on along Europe and the U.S.A.

During 2015 the “Goin’ Ahead” album, has been introduced to the audiences all along Europe (Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Andorra, Italy).

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Demian Dominguez: Guitar & Vocals

Edgar Garcia: Bass

Beto Garcia: Drums

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